On Sunday, 28th November, the NEZ Crosskart commission online meeting was held. There were constructive talks between 6 nations about next season and the future of the sport in upcoming years.
Most important thing decided was the calendar of 2021 season, with a great news of one round in 2022 season being in Estonia also, a country with big autosport traditions. Estonia have few big names in autosport worldwide, like Ott Tanak, Marko Martin and others.
Commission also decided that in all classes, except “mini”, a mandatory thing will be HANS or hybrid neck protection system. Also there was discussions about allowing to use 690cc engines in “650cc” class in upcoming years, as well as to use 850cc three cylinder engines in “Xtreme” class. There will be a competitor’s survey about these ideas.
Another new decision is that in “250cc” class in 2021 it will be allowed to use front-brakes system. There were discussions about the future of “Xtreme Junior” class – it is great to see, that this class have been growing well and have a lot of potential in future.
All of the involved nations are optimistic about the upcoming year, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we will have fantastical full season of racing in 2021.
The commission wishes great new year for all the involved in Crosskart racing!