Announcement from NEZ Crosskart Commission regarding start-number registration

Announcement from NEZ Crosskart Commission regarding start-number registration and transit from old system to new system.
Old system
Our old start number system operated by Håkan Persson had the last registration day December 31, 2019. All these numbers/reservations are valid until October 31, 2020. These numbers have first priority if crash with some other list. In our new web page is a list with all riders who have reserved number from old system for the 2020 season.
New system
From January 1.2020 new numbers must be registered in our new system:
Driver, YOU are responsible NOT to choose a number which is already reserved and renewed in old system before December 31, 2019. If the start number you want is busy in the new system, the new system will automatically tell you and give you other number options.
New system is not connected to the old system, so you must personally check and pick a number which is not reserved in the old system.
The new system will open for renew existing start numbers for following year from November 1 to December 31 every year, but only for numbers which are registered till latest October 31.
This means if you have reserved number in the old system and want to renew your number for 2021 season, then you must register your number in the new system latest October 31, 2020, if not someone else can take your number for 2021!!!
Every New Year eve on midnight the system will delete all numbers which is not renewed.