ingus beļakovs

For sale is one of the best 250cc crosskarts in North European region. Frame was build 4 years ago, it was build for 125cc class, and later i started racing in 250cc class, the crosskart is adjustable to all classes, for past 4 years frame have gone through modifications to have better handling and stabilization in corners, we put anti-roll bar at front, so the cart is not going on two wheels in corners, and we put connection rod between brakes and the frame, so the rear subframe is under load when you press the brakes. The cart is equipped with Reiger 3-way suspension.

2008 KTM engine with 0km, the engine has completely new engine block, with all the bearing and glands, new piston with piston rod.

The crosskart is one of the fastest in North Europe, you can adjust the front steering arms for rain and dry surface. The cart is specially good in rain conditions cause of its modifications and the lightning response from the cart in high and low speed corners.

In spare parts, I will give another 2 sets of front suspension arms, and set of steering arms, 4 rims with tires, MyChron 4, everything you need for Delorto Carburator ( Mainjets from 140-230, etc.).

Price for whole package is 8000€

For more information, you can contact me:

Ingus Belakovs +37129835504 or via e-mail [email protected]
Email: [email protected] Phone: 29835504